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divoom Tivoo white

Merk: Divoom
Artikelnummer: STXTIVOO WHITE
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Tivoo is more than just an eye candy, it is a 4th generation pixel art speaker. It features a 16 x 16 full RGB programmable LED panel, an acoustic enhanced design, and a new mobile application. Tivoo is the most unique pixel art smart speaker from Divoom.  ,Every detail is a result of engineering perfection. Powered by the 3rd generation programmable LED, an incredible lighting experience is ensured. It delivers the finest audio in such a compact body. Creating pixel art has never been easier: draw anything at your fingertip. The professional LED editing program allows you to create your own custom lightings. True music enthusiasts can create a remix with the professional DJ mixer. It also doubles as an alarm clock with 14 refreshing alarm profiles and a sleep aid with highly customizable settings, HQ alpha wave audio tracks and melatonin inducing lighting. It supports self-recorded alarms and allows you to record your voice messages for your family and friends. You can even set your message as the dai

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Merk: Divoom
Artikelnummer: STXTIVOO WHITE
Barcode: 6958444602172
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divoom Tivoo white
divoom Tivoo white